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welcome autumn


I hope the sweet transition of the Autumn Equinox has been smooth and filled with much love and gratitude for the Summer season. As we prepare ourselves and our environments for longer days ahead, possibly more days at home (again) and added viruses to fend off as the cold and flu season is upon us, there are plenty of ways to help us through this, from warm nourishing foods to immune boosting herbs, for the young or the old.  Breathing and qigong exercises as well as meditation routine are all great ways to strengthen our lungs and our immunity. Click on the link to view an easy to follow Qigong routine to strengthen the lungs.

In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with an organ system and each organ system is associated with both a spiritual and an emotional aspect. When the seasons change, we have an opportunity to nourish and support our bodies by validating and recognising the feelings that go with these organs.

Autumn is linked with the Metal element and the lungs organ system, and lungs are associated with grief and sadness. It’s not a coincidence that All Saints Day occurs in the autumn. It is natural to feel a bittersweetness or a sense of loss as summer turns to winter. Autumn is not all about loss though, it is also about a deep sense of connection. It is like sunset – we acknowledge that another day has passed, but look forward to a new sunrise the next morning.

The spiritual aspect of autumn involves the sense of spirit that is tied to our bodies. While summer was a time to rejoice and celebrate, we can not help but feel a little more serious as we prepare to get through another winter: we must gather food and resources to make it until next spring -this year possibly more than ever. Autumn is the perfect time to contemplate and acknowledge the losses in our lives, but also to remind ourselves of all the good that is still to come. Whether or not you celebrate All Saints or Thanksgiving, rituals thanking our ancestors, mentors, family, lost children or pets are wonderful for this time of year. Even just flipping through old photos with friends or family can be a lovely way to express thanks for the gifts and blessings you have in your life. Autumn is about gratitude and giving thanks.