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Carole Duménil, Lic.Ac.(UK)

Carole Duménil acupuncturist - Dao Vida Carole Duménil originally studied shiatsu with Marianne Fuenmayor in New York in the late 1990´s.  She went on to complete a three and a half years training College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (Reading, UK) in 2003, where she was awarded a Licenciate in Acupuncture (Lic. Ac.). She worked several years in London alongside Gerad Kite and over the years has added other aspects of Chinese medicine to her practice, from Chinese nutritional therapy, Yang Sheng (self-cultivation practices aimed at personal health and longevity) to aromapuncture (use of essential oils on acupuncture points), chinese herbal therapy, meditation and Qi Gong. Carole was in private practice in London for 8 years and has a special interest in women´s health and fertility as well as mental and emotional problems. She has been practising in Marbella, Costa del Sol since 2010. Carole Duménil is a member of the Spanish S.A.C. and an Overseas Member of the B.Ac.C. (UK).

What it is like

“A huge thank you for all your support through all this process. Although I originally came for fertility, acupuncture helped my sleep and energy…” – Alison, HR Manager

“Acupuncture has tremendously helped in managing my anxiety levels, my sleep is improved and I have more energy!” – Jan, Web Designer

“I 100% recommend Carole’s treatment. I could barely walk, sit or sleep for shooting pain down leg and back with sciatica….” – Dawn BC, Canada, travelling through Spain